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Fun Monday


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On the first & only Monday of the Fall Migration everyone meets in the Street for one of the biggest block parties you have ever seen, Fun Monday. On Don't worry if you can't get enough fun in one day, because on Monday we are gonna' do it all again. For Fun Monday we will pack Main Street from OD to Hillside with every smooth dancing fun lovin' friend that we can find. There will be great music, dancing in the street, & fun to be had by all.

**Remember that we are guests on the streets of North Myrtle Beach. We need to make sure that we do our best to pick up our belongings and trash when we get ready to leave. As in the past, there will be no coolers or containers permitted on the street or in public areas during Fun Monday. We want everyone to have fun, but please remember that adult beverages may be obtained from local merchants & consumed on their premises only.

Fun Monday offers you the chance to have a great time during your stay at North Myrtle Beach. But one of the greatest things about this event is known to very few people. It is funded solely by sales of Fun Monday raffle tickets. That's right. There is no admission charge! How great is that? A fun filled day. Dozens of great musicians. Thousands of people & more excitement than you can imagine.

To make the most of your Fun Monday experience come prepared. Make sure you have a chair, a hat, and clothes appropriate for the weather. We'll be outside all day, so don't forget your sunblock. Please do not bring umbrellas as they present a danger to others in a big crowd & block the view of other guests.

Please keep one thing in mind though. We need your help. We can't pay for the party without your help. You can pitch in by either buying or selling Fun Monday raffle tickets. If you will help us with this, you get more than just the satisfaction of making a great party possible. You get the chance to cash in big! That's right. If you are the lucky holder of the winning ticket in the raffle you could go home with $3,500! You also get the joy of helping people in need. Any proceeds that remain after the event expenses are paid are donated to charity. Both the SOS charitable fund & Caring for Kids of Horry County have benefited from the Fun Monday Raffle. So, help us, help yourself, & help the needy. Join in the excitement of the Fun Monday Raffle!