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The goals of the SOS/ACSC website & the SOS Webmaster is to provide SOS members & Association of Carolina Shag Club members with a reliable source of information arranged in a pleasing format. It is hoped that this site will be the central point of communication for SOS/ACSC stakeholders. To that end, every effort will be made to post information in a timely manner, keep information current, & to maintain accurate information on this website.

If you are an ACSC club representative with either new or updated information for this website please use the forms found under the ACSC clubs link to get your information submitted for posting. These forms can be mailed to the ACSC Secretary, Becky Berry at the address below:

1381 A Jefferson Dr.
Florence, SC 29501

For the speediest response in posting your information to the website you may want to email your club where & when changes, club information changes, and party information directly to the SOS webmaster. Please note that in the event of club information changes Lisa Caveny will still need to receive a filled out Shag Club Update Information form to maintain accurate records for the association.

If you are an SOS sponsor, please send your information through Janet Harrold using the contact information below.

Jan Harrold Advertising
431 James Ct.
High Point, NC  27265
Phone: 336-947-2177
Email: janharrold1@sc.rr.com.

If you have any other questions or comments about this site click here to email me.