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Junior Shag Association
National Fast Dance



The ACSC White Book provides the structure for our organization & the means by which we can make decisions. The document can also serve as a guide to member shag clubs. Many situations that shag clubs face have been identified in this book & advice for handling these situations has been provided. This web version of the White Book can be a valuable tool. It can remind clubs of key dates, serve as a resource in specific incidents, & provide needed forms. It can also serve as means to make sure that this manual is kept up to date & that all officers of member shag clubs are aware of its exsistence.

The White Book has been seperated into sections to decrease download times & to make it easier to navigate. The last section on Miscellaneous Forms, Applications & Information has been further seperated to allow saving & printing of single pages from this section.

Cover page & Forward - A brief description & overview of the Association

Table of Contents - Section titles & revision dates

Club Bylaws - A description of ACSC member club bylaws with examples

Newsletters & Flyers - Guidance on publishing information

Parties & Events - Guidance on planning club functions

Fundraising Ideas - Helpful hints on expanding the club coffer

Increasing Membership - Ideas for getting members in the club

Negotiating with Lounges - Finding & keeping a club home

Common Problems - Hints to handle the problems we all face

ACSC Requirements - What is required for membership

ACSC & SOS Structure & Bylaws - The guidelines of our organizations

Miscellaneous Forms, Applications & Information
     Section Notes
  Shag Club Information Update
     Shag Club Information Update Party Section
     ACSC Icon Nomination Form
     President's Pin & Past President Update Form
     SOS Membership Application
     ACSC Workshop Reimbursement Form
     ACSC Club Membership Application