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On any given day of the week the SOS website registers roughly a thousand hits. Around the dates for an SOS function at the beach or an ACSC workshop that number quadruples. This equates to opportunities for merchants, realtors, restaurants, hotels, & others to get the attention of perspective customers. Annually, the Society of Stranders brings thousands of people & millions of dollars to the Grand Strand. Are you getting the best opportunity to reach this unique segment of the market with your current advertising? Have you taken a look at the advertising values provided by the web?

Jan Harrold
431 James Crt.
Highpoint, NC 27265
Phone: 336-947-2177
Email: janetharrold13@gmail.com


Click Here for the "SOS Website Sponsorship Program" information and FORM.

Details of Website Advertising & Sponsorship Levels
All Sponsors will be listed on the Sponsors page under the appropriate level of participation.

Each Sponsor will have a link to the sponsors' advertising section.

Each level of participation is designed to enhance the position of the advertiser.

ALL sponsors are highlighted in a special section in every edition of The Carefree Times.

Pricing is on an annual basis.

Platinum Level Sponsorship
Development of one (1) page (8.5x11) which includes logo, pictures and links to your website.
4 SOS memberships.
Cost: $1000 per year.

Gold Level Sponsorship
Development of 1/2 page (5.5x8.5) which includes logo and pictures and link to your website.
Includes 2 SOS Memberships.
$500 a year.

Silver Level Sponsorship
Quarter Page (4.5x5.5) ad of your logo, linked to your website.
Includes 2 SOS Memberships.
$250 a year.

Text should be provided in .doc format or via email, images in .jpeg at least 300 .dpi.

Click here to download the website sponsorship application in Adobe PDF format.

For More Information Contact Jan Harrold 336-947-2177, you may also email Jan by clicking here.