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These are the instructions for all shag clubs to use when selling SOS memberships to club members at the discount rate of $30.00. The shag club will collect the $30.00 fee from each club member purchasing the SOS membership. The monies will be deposited in the shag club treasury. The sales period is October 1 thru September 1. If you would like to keep the SOS cards to sell though out the year, you may do so under the following conditions:

You must send a check and data form to SOS, Wanda Cavin, SOS Secretary, prior to:

Mid-Winter...Deadline January 1
Spring Safari....Deadline April 1
Fall Migration...Deadline September 1 (please return all unsold cards)

Please send all unsold cards to Wanda Cavin - 134 Venus Lane - Mooresville, NC 28117

It is important that this information is mailed in a timely manner so that an accurate report can be given at the ACSC meetings.

You may start selling SOS memberships now. The cards that were not distributed at the Fall Migration meeting will be mailed to each shag club's address as soon as possible.

1) The Shag club will record all data for cards sold and will forward the data to:
Wanda Cavin, SOS Secretary, 134 Venus Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117 or Email wbcavin@gmail.com

2) Click here to download, use, and print a form to record data.   Please make copies of the form if you need extras or you may create your own form using the same information.

3) The selling shag club will write a check made payable to SOS for all cards sold @ $30.00 each.
Make check payable to SOS. Mail check to: Wanda Cavin, 134 Venus Lane, Mooresville, NC 28117.

4) Should you need additional cards, please contact Wanda Cavin at 704-677-3886 or email at: wbcavin@gmail.com and the cards will be mailed to you.

Should you have any questions, please give me a call at 704-677-3886 or email me at wbcavin@gmail.com

Thank you!

Wanda B. Cavin
SOS Secretary

Click here for the "SOS Membership Form

Click here to see the schedule of events at the beach where you can buy a membership.

Click here to see a list of shag clubs in your area to pick a place to get you started having fun with SOS.

Click here to print an individual membership application to mail in. The mailing address is on the form.