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If you are interested in Advertising in the SOS Carefree Times please contact:

Janet Harrold at 336-947-2177
Email: janetharrold13@gmail.com

Jan Harrold
431 James Crt.
Highpoint, NC 27265


The S.O.S. Carefree Times is the official newsletter of the Society of Stranders & Carolina Shag Dancing. This full color NEWSPRINT publication is distributed four times a year. Two issues are mailed directly to SOS members & two issues are distributed in the SOS lounges & the SOS Company Store at North Myrtle Beach during the Spring Safari & the Fall Migration. An estimated 14 thousand shaggers anxiously await & read The CFT Newsletter at each publication.

If you provide goods or services in the North Myrtle Beach area or feel that the free spirited shaggers that range from New England to Florida are in your target market demographics, the CFT Newsletter may be the advertising tool you are looking for. Great coverage, great rates, and a great audience make for an outstanding advertising value.

If you are an ACSC member club that hosts an event that shaggers would find interesting in your home area or are planning a function at the beach, the CFT Newsletter can help you spread the word.

The SOS Carefree Times is a full color publication and requires color pictures with a copy of what you'd like to see in your ad. If you prefer to furnish your artwork it must be at least 266 .dpi resolution.